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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Engineering Education in Turkey

2011 QS University Rankings are now available:

Civil & Structural Engineering Rankings
Chemical Engineering Rankings
Electrical Engineering Rankings
Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Rankings
Computer Science & Information Systems Rankings

As expected, MIT tops in all subject rankings. On the other hand, despite all the buzz Turkish universities create in national media, no Turkish university except Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is listed in top-200 list. ITU is ranked

101-150. in Civil & Structural Engineering
101-150. in Chemical Engineering
151-200. in Electrical Engineering
151-200. in Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing

Although scientific research has become utterly more productive over the past decade in Turkey (please see the relevant statistics here), the gap between the quality of Turkish universities remains wide. Thanks to the booming economy and changing socio-cultural system, many top-notch Turkish researchers prefer to go back to Turkey. This potential has to be harnessed in a systematic way.

It would be too naive to expect ITU and a couple of other decent Turkish universities, such as Bilkent University and Sabanci University, to educate the huge army of good engineers that the quickly growing economy desperately needs. Time and again, concerns are raised on the quality of the vast majority of Turkish engineers, and for good reason. Let's face it - Among the ~170 Turkish universities, only ITU is listed in the engineering subject rankings! Turkey has potential for more, uhm, better science...

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